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Recreation Center The new Student Recreation Center for Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, is a two-level structure, approximately 55,000 square feet in area on the ground floor. The foundation system for the structure consisted of drilled and underreamed footings with a grade-supported floor slab. Geotechnical services included drilling a total of 33 soil sample borings to depths of 5 to 25 feet below the existing ground surface. Terracon provided recommendations for drilled and underreamed piers and a conventionally-reinforced grade-supported floor slab for the Recreation Building. Post-tensioned slabs were utilized for the tennis and basketball courts. Lateral earth pressures were provided for the below grade portions of the lazy river. Construction materials engineering and testing services for this project included field moisture-density testing of select fill for the building pad, observation of drilled pier construction, reinforcing steel observations, cast in-place concrete testing, post-tensioning, and structural steel observation.

Nacogdoches, TX


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Terracon's Lufkin office was established in 1984 by Mr. William V. Jacobs, P.E., and Mr. Daniel E. Pickett, P.E., who founded Pickett-Jacobs Consultants, Inc. (PJC) to provide geotechnical and construction materials engineering and testing services. Terracon acquired PJC in January 2004 in order to provide a local presence in east Texas. Terracon's Lufkin office is conveniently located at 1609 South Chestnut Street, Suite 107, near the Chamber of Commerce, and in the complex with local engineers, architects, and developers. Lufkin provides services to a broad area, including western…