Stennis International AirportGeolocation: 30.3732, -89.4456

Terracon was retained by the Airport Development Group for a series of apron expansions at the Stennis International Airport, which began in 2012. Terracon has performed special inspections during construction on the North, South and Middle Apron expansions. Terracon performed earthwork observation & testing, which included proofrolling of subgrades, field testing to determine in-place density, moisture content and compaction and laboratory testing. Terracon has also performed cast-in-place concrete sampling and testing, asphaltic concrete testing including coring, and oversight, and concrete beam flexural strength testing. All procedures are performed in accordance with ASTM D 1557 and ASTM D 6938.

Kiln, MS 39556


Associated Office

JacksonGeolocation: 32.4006, -90.1235
Terracon's Jackson office was formerly Aquaterra Engineering, with roots back to 1961. The office currently employs a staff of around 30 people and practices geotechnical assessment, environmental engineering, and construction materials testing. They also specialize in solid waste and landfill engineering services. Terracon has provided services for projects in and around Jackson including asbestos management, soil and bedrock investigation, Phase I ESA, and more.