Springhill Regional LandfillGeolocation: 30.7151, -85.1894

 Terracon provided geotechnical investigation, environmental consulting and other services for the Springhill Regional Landfill in Jackson County, FL.

Terracon has performed a variety of planning, design, permitting, geotechnical, and CQA services for Waste Management's Springhill Landfill, in Jackson County, Florida. Services performed include expansion design and permitting, Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP), cell construction project design and CQA, and geotechnical investigation, as well as landfill gas collection and control system (GCCS) staged construction planning, GCCS stage construction project design and construction monitoring.

Jackson County, FL


Associated Office

Atlanta NorthGeolocation: 34.0523, -84.6052
Terracon's Atlanta-North ( Kennesaw) office opened its doors in 2003 as Aquaterra Engineering, LLC, with a primary focus in solid waste engineering services. Originally, office staff focused primarily on consulting for solid waste management projects. Our professionals have extensive experience with engineering and consulting for various phases of integrated solid waste management projects. We have performed solid waste management consulting and engineering on projects throughout the southeast, with significant experience in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee,…