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Terracon's Des Moines office is a leading provider of geotechnical and construction materials testing services on transportation projects in the state of Iowa. An example project is the new 5-mile, multi-lane arterial that will connect downtown with US 65 at Pleasant Hill. The project includes a new 7-span dual bridge over the Des Moines River and several other bridges, relocating levees, and mitigating difficult soil conditions. Terracon's scope includes exploration, field and laboratory testing, engineering analyses (seepage, global stability, and settlement), and geotechnical design. Bridge drilling was performed from Terracon's barge-mounted rig. Terracon's scope also includes construction testing of soils and concrete (plant inspections and laboratory testing) and vibration monitoring during pile installation.

Des Moines, IA


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In 1975 Terracon opened an office in Des Moines. From its roots in geotechnical engineering, the Des Moines office has developed into a successful multi-discipline firm specializing in geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials services. With a staff of over 50, an in-house certified laboratory and drill rig fleet, we are able to provide timely and professional services to our clients. With the goal of building strong client relationships and hiring many employees educated at Iowa Universities has allowed Terracon to thrive in the State of Iowa. To date, we have performed over…