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Terracon completed sediment sampling and analysis at the Port of Tacoma's former Kaiser Aluminum facility. The project involved sediment sampling at three ponds via a Ponar sediment sampler. Analytical laboratory results were compared to the applicable State of Washington Department of Ecology cleanup standards. Terracon also provided core sampling at a selected pond in order to obtain the stratigraphy of the subsurface conditions. The purpose of Terracon's sediment sampling, core sampling, and analysis was to determine whether discharges from the facility to the ponds have resulted in an increase in sediment contamination at the property. In a subsequent phase of work, Terracon provided oversight during remedial excavation of impacted pond sediments.

Port of Tacoma, WA


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Terracon's Tacoma office was established in 2002 as part of Zipper Zeman Associates, Inc. Since merging with Terracon in 2005, the Tacoma office has continued to provide geotechnical and environmental consulting services, while recently expanding to provide materials testing and Special Inspections. The Tacoma office serves the southern Puget Sound area and western Washington.