Raleigh Convention Center and Underground Parking DeckGeolocation: 35.7721, -78.6386

Terracon worked with the City of Raleigh on the demolition of the old Raleigh Civic and Convention Center, providing pre-demolition asbestos survey services, asbestos abatement design services, and asbestos abatement project monitoring services. Terracon also worked with the City on the construction of the new Raleigh Convention Center, providing Phase I environmental site assessments, Phase II limited site investigations, geotechnical investigations, Special Inspections, and construction materials engineering and testing services for the site.

Raleigh, NC


Associated Office

RaleighGeolocation: 35.8105, -78.5947

Terracon's Raleigh office brings a broad range of services to North Carolina, including geotechnical, environmental, construction materials engineering and testing and Special Inspection services. The Raleigh office has more than 30 employees to support our past, present, and future clients. We've worked on some of the largest projects in the city including the Raleigh Convention Center, Clarence E. Lightner Public Safety Center, and the Wake County Justice Center.