Patoka Tank Farm Expansion (PTEX) in Patoka, IllinoisGeolocation: 38.754, -89.0958

Terracon was retained to provide geotechnical, materials testing, and engineering consulting for the Patoka Tank Farm Expansion (PTEX) project. The project consisted of new construction of over 5,500 lineal feet of roadway including precast bridge members, over 3,000 lineal feet of dike construction, and four 200-foot diameter steel storage tanks with concrete ring wall foundations. MPC initially contacted Terracon to discuss the recommendations from another geotechnical consultant that was recommending ground improvement for the four tanks. Terracon reviewed this report, performed supplemental borings, and developed recommendations for foundation support of the tanks without ground improvement, providing significant cost savings.  Hydro testing of the tanks was performed to address post-construction settlements. Terracon’s St. Louis office managed the project and provided MPC with a single point of contact throughout both the geotechnical exploration and construction including the following services:

  • Soil boring logs with field and laboratory data, soil stratification based on visual soil classification
  • Groundwater levels observed during and after completion of drilling
  • Site and boring location plans
  • Subsurface exploration procedures
  • Description of subsurface conditions
  • Recommended foundation options and engineering design parameters
  • Estimated settlement of foundations and tank floors
  • Seismic site classification
  • Subgrade preparation/earthwork recommendations
  • Existing wetland and underground pipeline conditions and recommendations
  • Design of access roads, surface drainage and traffic crossings over underground pipelines, near wetlands, and in other critical project areas
  • Soil characteristics with respect to sulphate attack, corrosion potential and grounding capabilities
  • Soil characteristics of borrow materials onsite with varying soil classifications
  • Identification of potential sources of borrow material for construction of trench backfill, road sub-base, base and surfacing materials, and tank foundations; Terracon visited local quarry and borrow sources for this evaluation.

Patoka, IL


Associated Office

St. LouisGeolocation: 38.697, -90.4257
Terracon opened its St. Louis office in April of 1996. The office currently provides geotechnical, environmental, construction materials engineering and testing and inspection, and natural resource services. The St. Louis office presently has an office and professional staff of approximately 48 employees. The St. Louis office services a variety of sectors with specialization in brownfield/site remediation, power generation/transmission, transportation/infrastructure, telecommunications, and financial.