Opry Mills MallGeolocation: 36.1659, -86.7844

 Terracon provided environmental consulting services to help the Opry Mills Mall restoration after flooding in Nashville.

Terracon is acting as the lead environmental consultant for the property owner during restoration of the Opry Mills Mall. The 1.6-million-square-foot mall was flooded to depths varying from 2-14 feet after the rain events of April 30 through May 2, 2010. Terracon developed a protocol for remediation of mold and bacteria as a result of impact from the Cumberland River (assessed as Category 3 water in accordance with IICRC standards). The protocol was wide ranging and addressed restoration of items such as: structural components, flooring materials, wall systems, ceiling systems, subgrade utilities, electric systems, fixtures, furnishings and equipment, fire safety components ,and electronics (TVs, security cameras, CCTV). Terracon has provided full-time on-site staff for monitoring of the restoration operations and provided Certified Industrial Hygienists for review of on-going activities, changes/adjustments to the cleaning protocol and in-depth discussions with the restoration contractors and insurance companies.

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Terracon's Nashville office opened in 1996. We provide geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering and testing services. Geotechnically, we specialize in slope instability, forensic studies, projects situated in karst terrain, and pavement evaluations. Environmentally, we have been a leader in the asbestos/industrial hygiene field having been under contract for 14 years with various state and local government agencies. Our construction materials engineering and testing department specializes in large grading jobs and has the ability to perform all levels of Special…