New Parkland HospitalGeolocation: 0, 0

Parkland Hospital is expanding its overcrowded facilities with the construction of a new 1.9 million square foot hospital facility. Terracon has completed comprehensive geotechnical engineering services for the new campus development. Borings were drilled to investigate bedrock conditions to support massive column loads. In an attempt to reduce the bracing requirements for MEP work, Terracon performed a SeisOptĀ® ReMi study, incorporated a site-specific seismic response spectrum, and utilized new design philosophy to justify higher seismic ratings. Multi-disciplinary awareness by the geotechnical engineering staff resulted in the discovery of potential environmental concerns prior to construction. Work is currently underway to identify the nature and extent of possible historic contamination, and to remediate the site. Terracon is conducting a limited site investigation at the site to develop a soil and groundwater management plan.

Dallas, TX