Minnesota Superfund Multi Site ContractGeolocation: 44.9978, -92.8936

 Under the superfund program, Terracon provides a multitude of soil and groundwater contamination investigations.

Terracon provides services to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) through a Superfund Multi Site contract. The superfund multi site program allows the MPCA to address non-petroleum releases where the responsible party is either unknown, recalcitrant, or insolvent. The superfund program works in concert with the leaking underground storage tank program that addresses petroleum related releases. Work assignments given to Terracon under this contract vary in type and scope. Generally a cost estimate or work plan is prepared by Terracon and submitted to the MPCA project manager. Terracon typically meets with the MPCA project manager to discuss the work plan and make necessary revisions. Once complete, the MPCA issues a work order to complete the assignment. Terracon project managers work closely with the MPCA project managers throughout the project to achieve MPCA's objectives in a cost-effective manner. Terracon has provided services to the MPCA at more than 15 sites under the Superfund contract, including assessment work plans for non-petroleum and agricultural sites; quality assurance project plans; site assessments; gas chromatography analysis; design of remedial systems; full-time construction observation; and design, construction oversight, and operation and maintenance of remedial systems. A portion of the services provided by Terracon are funded by a cooperative agreement between the MPCA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As such, financial and technical documents prepared by Terracon for some of the assignments under this contract are reviewed by MPCA, with overview by the EPA.

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