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Terracon was selected to perform geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering and testing services for a $300-million, 30-acre redevelopment project in the heart of Omaha. Terracon conducted an asbestos pre-demolition survey and an environmental hazards assessment (i.e., mercury and PCB-containing equipment) of 13 multi-story buildings comprising the project site; assisted with development of a specification plan for abating the asbestos-containing materials and environmental hazards; provided pre-abatement support services; and conducted visual clearances of the buildings subsequent to asbestos abatement and removal/recycling of environmental hazards. Terracon also provided additional environmental services which included reviews of prior environmental reports, reviews of historic fire insurance maps, and development of a soil management plan for dealing with chemically impacted soils. Geotechnical engineering services included 24 soil borings, seven piezocone penetration test (CPTU) soundings, 11 pressuremeter tests, and laboratory testing of soil samples.

Omaha, NE


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OmahaGeolocation: 41.2307, -96.1534
Terracon's Omaha office opened in 1984 with two employees. Today, they have nearly 60 employees providing geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering and testing services. Terracon in Omaha has been involved in projects including asbestos assessment and management, Phase I environmental site assessment, geotechnical analysis and more. Terracon is available for any environmental and geotechnical consulting job.