KCPL Iatan 2 Power PlantGeolocation: 39.4486, -94.9789

Terracon has been retained by KCPL to provide construction observation and testing services for the Iatan Construction Project near Weston, Mo. The project consists of constructing emissions systems upgrades to the existing plant and a second coal fired power plant unit capable of generating approximately 850 mega-watts of electricity. Terracon was initially retained to provide testing of site fills and backfill, grout for auger cast piles, Portland cement concrete for foundations, and structures and observation of reinforcing steel placement. During the evolution of the project, Platte County, Mo., the governing jurisdiction, required Special Inspections in accordance with the 2003 IBC as a condition of permitting. Terracon's scope was expanded to include observation and testing for masonry and structural steel. Additional environmental services tasks were amended to Terracon's scope including removal of monitoring wells placed for an initial site study and placement of new monitoring wells for the planned combustion waste landfill. Terracon also performed a limited site assessment when debris from previous construction activities was encountered in excavation. These services were provided using MDNR guidelines and procedures. Terracon's industrial hygiene group performed air quality monitoring during modifications to the existing plant due to concerns of airborne lead originating from painted surfaces. Terracon has employed up to eight technicians on site during the construction. Our staffing has included a full time (on-site) field coordinator and MBE/WBE subconsultants to help the owner in achieving their workforce diversity goals. In recognition of Terracon's reliable and responsive service on the power plant project, Terracon was also selected to provide quality assurance testing of an adjoining combustion waste landfill project at the Iatan facility. Terracon was retained to collect soil samples for laboratory testing and perform field density testing for compacted soil liner materials. Our AASHTO certified materials laboratory performed material qualification tests including soil moisture and density testing for fill and backfill operations, Unified Soil Classification testing, particle size testing, Atterberg limits, laboratory hydraulic conductivity testing, crushed rock compaction, and asphaltic concrete pavement compaction.

Weston, MO