Jupiter Pointe Club and MarinaGeolocation: 26.9608, -80.0974

Terracon excavated 5,000 cubic yards of soil from a former underground gasoline storage system to expose an entire groundwater contaminant plume in accordance with an Alternative Procedure Approval Order issued by the Florida DEP. 934 tons of contaminated soil was immediately transported for proper disposal. The remainder was remediated on-site over the ensuing 90 days via one spray application of Petrox 1during excavation. Monitoring was conducted at wells installed in and around the backfilled excavation. Terracon submitted a Site Assessment Report which included the results post active remediation monitoring at all eight monitoring wells. Terracon subsequently submitted a third quarter post active remediation monitoring report and a fourth quarter Site Rehabilitation Completion Report indicating that concentrations of the contaminants of concern had been reduced below Florida's groundwater cleanup target levels. The Florida DEP issued a Site rehabilitation Completion Order on March 29, 2010.

Tequesta, FL