Harris OverpassGeolocation: 40.8069, -96.6817

In 2004, the City of Lincoln began evaluating the replacement of Harris Overpass located in the Haymarket area of downtown Lincoln. Terracon was retained to perform geotechnical and environmental services for the bridge currently being constructed. At the initial phase of the project, Terracon conducted environmental sampling and analysis of soils in conjunction with a geotechnical exploration for the proposed bridge overpass in order to assess for chemical contaminant impact to soil at the proposed pier locations. The geotechnical exploration was conducted to provide recommendations concerning the design and construction of mechanically-stabilized earth embankments and bridge foundations for the proposed project.

Lincoln, NE


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LincolnGeolocation: 40.8439, -96.6916
Terracon opened its doors in Lincoln in 1991. Since then they have served the Lincoln area with geotechnical engineering, construction material evaluation and environmental assessment for construction and remediation projects. Terracon has performed subsurface investigations and in-situ testing, soil sampling, foundation and structural consulting and more. For geotechnical, environmental and materials help with your project, contact the Lincoln office of Terracon.