Hacker Valley PK-8 SchoolGeolocation: 38.6517, -80.385

Adjacent to the existing school site, a new school development site was proposed. Terracon drilled seven standard penetration test borings as part of our geotechnical exploration. Based on the exploration, Terracon provided recommendations for two types of foundation systems. The foundations would be supported on the newly placed granular fill. This option had risk associated with it as uneven settlement across the footprint of the building could have occurred. The owner evaluated the options and chose the deep foundation system consisting of auger cast piles.

Hacker Valley


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Charleston, WVGeolocation: 38.3504, -81.622
Terracon's Charleston, W.V., office was established in 1980 as a branch office of H. C. Nutting Company (HCN). In 2007, HCN joined Terracon, after operating in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana since 1921. The Charleston office provides geotechnical engineering, drilling, environmental assessment, materials engineering and testing and inspection, and laboratory services. The Charleston, W.V., office has worked on projects such as bridge construction which included geotechnical investigations and materials consulting. Terracon has also consulted on site redevelopment for building…