Gander Mountain Sports and Outdoor Retail FacilityGeolocation: 30.628, -96.3344

Terracon provided geotechnical engineering services for Gander Mountain's Retail Facility. Materials engineering and testing and observations for the site work included drilled and under reamed footings, chemically-treated fill materials, proof rolling the existing subgrade, tilt-wall construction inspections, storm water management inspections, timber log structural inspections, structural steel observations, reinforcing steel observations, and concrete testing and sampling.

College Station, TX



Associated Office

College StationGeolocation: 30.5829, -96.3927
Terracon's College Station office had its beginnings in 1946 in Bryan, Texas, when Spencer J. Buchanan, Sr. founded SJBA to provide civil, geotechnical, and materials engineering and testing services. Terracon acquired SJBA in October 2006 and has operated from Aggieland Business Park, College Station, since 2008.