Freeport LNG TankGeolocation: 31.9686, -99.9018

The world-class liquid natural gas (LNG) receiving and regasification terminal features include vacuum-insulated LNG transfer lines; an environmentally friendly VE air tower, a salt-dome cavern gas facility, integration with terminal operations, and a boil-off gas re-liquefaction system. Materials testing services for the construction of the LNG Tank were provided by Terracon, and included cast-in-place concrete for the base slab, walls, roof and interior slabs. As a local collaborator on the project, Terracon provided five technicians that worked to meet the client’s cost and scheduling requirements.  The total cubic yardage of concrete for the construction was in excess of 22,500 cubic yards, with the tank tendons using approximately 180 cubic yards of grout for completion. Compressive strength tests were performed in Terracon’s Freeport, Texas laboratory on cast in the field concrete test cylinders. Grout observation and testing was provided during construction, with compressive strength tests that were completed on grout cubes processed in the field.

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FreeportGeolocation: 28.9555, -95.3708
Terracon's Freeport, Texas office opened in December 2013, and has experienced senior professionals available for providing geotechnical assessments, environmental consulting and construction materials engineering throughout the State of Texas. Terracon's environmental consulting services in the State of Texas include a team of professionals with significant experience in comprehensive site investigations, design and remediation of soil and groundwater, asbestos management, lead-based paint and mold investigations, risk assessment of soil gas and vapor intrusion, industrial compliance, and…