Environmental Assessments for Light-Rail ProgramGeolocation: 0, 0

 Environmental Assessments for Light-Rail Program

The City of Phoenix is in the process of acquiring homes and businesses along 19th Avenue for planned expansion of the Light Rail. The Northwest Extension will take light rail service farther north on 19th Avenue to eventually end at the area near Interstate 17 freeway and Dunlap Avenue. The City of Phoenix continues to move ahead with completion of right-of-way real estate acquisition which includes Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). Terracon provides Phase I and Phase II ESAs of properties the City of Phoenix is proposing to purchase for the Light Rail Expansion. Terracon has assessed over 20 properties along 19th Avenue to date through our Environmental Services On-Call Contract with the City of Phoenix. Terracon identifies Recognized Environmental Conditions associated with each property and provides recommendations for additional investigation and/or remediation.

Phoenix, AZ