Dugway East Interceptor Relief SewerGeolocation: 41.5331, -81.579

The project consisted of approximately 12,000 feet of 24-inch to 78-inch diameter open-cut sanitary sewer construction, 160 feet of 78-inch diameter pipe in tunnel, 200 feet of 42-inch diameter jacked pipe, and nearly 1000 feet of 48-inch diameter pipe-in-microtunnel. Cast-in-place structures included a major connection structure at the Easterly Interceptor Sewer junction, two major flow diversion structures, two regulators structures, and six junction chambers. HCN, a Terracon Company, provided daily observations and materials engineering and testing services throughout the duration of the project. Daily reports were generated on site with company provided computers and electronically sent to our client to improve turnaround time on deliverables. Terracon's Client Document website was allowed others on the distribution list to receive daily reports and test data in a timely manner.

East Cleveland, OH



Associated Office

ClevelandGeolocation: 41.4012, -81.7807
Terracon's Cleveland office opened in March 1986, operating under its original company name, Applied Construction Technologies, Inc. (ACT). In 2006, ACT was acquired by H.C. Nutting Company and in 2007 became a part of Terracon. We are a full service location, providing geotechnical, environmental, and materials engineering and testing services to Northern Ohio, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and Western New York. Recently, more complex project experience has included wind farm development, levee certification, and large diameter micro-tunnel construction. Testing, both common and unique,…