DOW-Lake Jackson Office Phase 1 and IIGeolocation: 29.0371, -95.4528

In order to develop this critical facilities project, DOW Chemical was focused on building a project team that included a strong local presence, previous experience in coordinating with the project developer, and meeting high project standards. Terracon was chosen to provide materials engineering and testing for both phases of DOW Chemical’s expansion in Lake Jackson, Texas.   Phase I of the project included a four-story office building with a footprint of 57,000 square feet. Phase II included two-four-story laboratories with a footprint of 65,000 square feet. Phase II also included a 30,000 square feet, two-story amenities building and a two-story central plant/warehouse covering 60,000 square feet. Associated site utilities such as water lines, storm, and sanitary sewer lines and surface pavements for large parking areas for each building were included in both phases.   Key testing for the project included: materials testing for earthwork observations; sample classification preparation by Atterberg Limits; moisture density relationship testing; proofrolling density tests that utilized the nuclear method; fireproofing material was tested to determine thickness, in-place density and adhesion cohesion to the structure.   Additional observations and testing included: foundations observations and testing; the observation of the installation of shallow footings to document approximate soil shear strength; cast-in-place concrete observations and testing including slump, air content, concrete temperature, and cast test specimens during placements; and structural steel observations and testing at the site. Compressive strength tests were performed in Terracon’s laboratory test cylinders cast in the field. Our Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) performed visual inspection of roof metal decking for placement including overlap, fastener spacing, supports at openings and penetrations, and puddle welds.

Lake Jackson, TX 77566


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FreeportGeolocation: 28.9555, -95.3708
Terracon's Freeport, Texas office opened in December 2013, and has experienced senior professionals available for providing geotechnical assessments, environmental consulting and construction materials engineering throughout the State of Texas. Terracon's environmental consulting services in the State of Texas include a team of professionals with significant experience in comprehensive site investigations, design and remediation of soil and groundwater, asbestos management, lead-based paint and mold investigations, risk assessment of soil gas and vapor intrusion, industrial compliance, and…