Curtis Green MUNI Maintenance FacilityGeolocation: 37.7212, -122.447

Terracon provided industrial hygiene consulting services on more than 500 projects for the San Francisco Department of Public Works (SFDPW), Bureau of Construction Management. These projects have included several large-scale construction, renovation, and restoration projects at the Laguna Honda Hospital, the War Memorial Veterans Building, the Curtis Green MUNI Maintenance Facility, the Old Main Library/New Asian Art Museum, the Moscone Center, and the Third and Fourth Street Bridges. Terracon performed extensive project coordination and monitoring services during abatement activities related to the roof replacement project at the Curtis Green Muni Facility in downtown San Francisco. The hazardous materials removal scope of work for this project covered the removal and disposal of specified asbestos-containing materials on the roof of the Curtis Green MUNI Maintenance Facility main shop building, which included the main roof field on the entire roof with asbestos-containing felt layers, asbestos-containing roofing mastics, asbestos-containing HVAC duct insulation, and asbestos-containing window sealant around skylights. During the course of the project, Terracon ensured that the asbestos abatement work was conducted in general accordance with work practices prescribed by Cal/OSHA and in general accordance with appropriate work practices, respiratory protection, engineering controls, and personal hygiene procedures. Terracon also worked closely with SFDPW managers, building tenants and occupants, as well as contractors to coordinate various project elements, while also performing visual inspections, observation of work practices, and air monitoring.  These services were conducted during the removal of a wide variety of asbestos-containing materials. Terracon continues to provide industrial hygiene consulting services for SFDPW on an as-needed basis under a multi-year contract.

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Terracon's Oakland office offers a full range of environmental consulting services to safely manage chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Our industrial hygiene experts specialize in mold investigations and remediation monitoring; indoor air quality assessments; worker exposure monitoring for dust, noise, vapors, and metals; and a wide variety of other services. The office has one of the largest teams of industrial hygienists and certified asbestos and lead professionals in the San Francisco Bay…