Crosby 25-3 Natural Gas Well ReleaseGeolocation: 44.6782, -109.458

Terracon has been providing site characterization, public communications, remedial design and implementation, and regulatory negotiations associated with a natural gas exploration well located in northwest Park County, Wyo. In August 2006, during the drilling of the natural gas well, natural gas, petroleum condensate, and drilling fluids began to emanate from the subsurface along a series of cracks in the ground west and north of the well head. The ground cracking was concentrated in two areas about 500 feet apart. An initial evacuation of the residences in the area was ordered in response to the methane and condensate vapors venting from these cracks.Terracon completed initial response activities including nine subsurface explorations with "nested" monitoring well completions and sampling domestic water wells, springs, and surface water in the area. Terracon also prepared a Public Participation Plan (PPP) which included distribution of numerous communiques with the public and participation in public meetings. Terracon has since completed approximately 60 single and nested monitoring wells and continues to sample nearby Line Creek, springs, and drinking water wells in the vicinity on a regular basis. Recently, volatile constituents were detected in the nearest domestic well. In response, Terracon managed the design and installation of a granulated activated carbon (GAC) treatment system. Terracon has also managed the design, installation and operation of an interim remediaiton system using air sparge and soil-vapor extraction technologies.

Park County, WY


Associated Office

BillingsGeolocation: 45.7505, -108.5687
Terracon's Billings office was opened in 1994 and has grown to include a full-time staff of 18 professionals and technicians with a seasonal staff of 2-5 additional technicians. Our staff includes registered professional engineers, a licensed engineering geologist, and environmental scientists, all of whom have a long history of local experience. Additionally, we are supported by more than 100 additional geotechnical and environmental professionals in our Rocky Mountain Division which includes offices in Great Falls, Kalispell, and Bozeman, Montana; Casper, Cheyenne and Rock Springs,…