Columbia Nuclear Fuel PlantGeolocation: 34.2178, -80.903

 Terracon provided an earthquake risk assessment to the Columbia Nuclear Fuel Plant.

Facilities that process, store, or handle radioactive materials and pose a nuclear hazard to the public are heavily regulated. The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) requires that the facilities be seismically designed to a higher performance objective than the life safety goal of a typical building. Terracon was retained to assist them with quantifying the seismic hazard for structural design of the 52,500-square-foot expansion of their Columbia Nuclear Fuel Plant. Terracon's methods, assumptions, conclusions, and recommendations were subjected to an independent peer review and were found to be consistent with performance-based earthquake engineering procedures described in the following standards:

  • ASCE/SEI 43-05, Seismic Design Criteria for Structures, Systems, and Components in Nuclear Facilities
  • ANSI/ANS 2.26, Categorization of Nuclear Facility Structures, Systems, and Components for Seismic Design
  • ANSI/ANS 2.27, Criteria for Investigations of Nuclear Facility Sites for Seismic Hazard Assessments
  • ANSI/ANS 2.29, Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis.

Richland, SC