Chico Way Bridge RepairGeolocation: 0, 0

Terracon's Tacoma office completed an emergency geotechnical evaluation for replacement of the existing bridge which was washed out by floods. Exploratory borings and geotechnical engineering analyses were completed to assess feasible pile types and axial and lateral capacities. Analyses was completed using the Washington Department of Transportation and AASHTO LRFD methods. Driven H-Piles were selected for replacement bridge foundation support.

Bremerton, WA


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TacomaGeolocation: 47.1654, -122.4793
Terracon's Tacoma office was established in 2002 as part of Zipper Zeman Associates, Inc. Since merging with Terracon in 2005, the Tacoma office has continued to provide geotechnical and environmental consulting services, while recently expanding to provide materials testing and Special Inspections. The Tacoma office serves the southern Puget Sound area and western Washington.