Cane Island Power ParkGeolocation: 28.2625, -81.5079

Cane Island Unit 4 is a natural gas, combined cycle combustion turbine power plant adding 300 megawatts of electric capacity to the Kissimmee Utilities Au-thority/FMPA facility in Intersession City, Fla. Terracon provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing services in support of the design build project delivery method. Terracon's services include field exploration, laboratory testing, and geotechnical analysis and design. As part of Terracon's construction support services, instruments were installed to monitor settlement, pore pressures, and subgrade deformations within the prime structural components during grouting and installation of stone columns. Data collected from the instruments was used to monitor the progress of settlement and aid in determining safe times for various construction phases of the project.

Intersession City, FL