Blue Canyon Wind FarmGeolocation: 34.6087, -98.3903

In 2002, Zilkha Renewable Energy began plans for a new wind energy generating facility north of Lawton, OK. The ridgeline's east-west orientation, directly perpendicular to the prevailing southerly wind direction, resulted in one of the most energetic wind resources in the Southwest. The project was named the Blue Canyon Wind Farm, and is located in rugged, rocky terrain. Terracon drilled 45 borings at the proposed sites of wind turbines, utilizing all-terrain vehicle drilling rigs. Even with all-terrain rigs, some dozing and grading was required in the rugged terrain to allow access. NX size rock cores were taken from each of the borings, as rock in this area was essentially at the ground surface. Cross-hole and down-hole seismic work was conducted at some of the boring locations to provide additional information on rock quality. Unconfined compression testing was performed on many of the rock cores to obtain additional strength data.

Lawton, OK


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Oklahoma CityGeolocation: 35.519, -97.5058
Terracon's Oklahoma City office was one of first offices founded and opened in 1979. The office provides a full range of geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering and testing services to private and public clients. The soil and concrete laboratory is fully accredited. The staff of more than 60 employees includes professional engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists.