Beech Hollow LandfillGeolocation: 39.1234, -82.5329

 Terracon has provided geotechnical and environmental engineering consulting services to the Beech Hollow Landfill.

Beech Hollow Landfill is an active municipal solid waste landfill located in the southeastern part of Ohio. HCN, a Terracon Company, has provided engineering consulting services at the Beech Hollow Landfill since 1995 in support of the landfill operations. The Beech Hollow Landfill site setting is unique in that it is located in an area of former and active strip mining of natural resources (coal, sand, and gravel). Development of the landfill required examination of excavated subbase conditions for sound, firm foundation soils. This typically requires over-excavation of soils to achieve acceptable conditions. The soils for liner construction include natural clay deposits and overburden mine spoil materials. These materials are processed on-site through a crushing and screening operation then tested for confirmation of soil liner quality. HCN has monitored and documented construction activities of 10 waste disposal cells and monitored and documented construction activities of 67 acres, plus interim final cover placement on completed waste disposal areas. HCN has also amended project specifications, completed geotechnical analysis (slope stability) on interim landfill slopes, and tested geomembrane liner material for project compliance.

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H.C. Nutting Company joined Terracon in 2007 after operating in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia since 1921. Terracon is a dynamic and growing consulting firm providing multiple related service lines to clients at local, regional, and national levels. Our services are delivered on a timely basis with consistently high value and attention to client needs. Services provided by the Cincinnati office of Terracon include construction materials testing & monitoring, geotechnical site assessment and landfill site monitoring. Terracon's Cincinnati office is available for a wide…