Bay Pointe Apartments Phases I and IIGeolocation: 33.6891, -78.8867

The Bay Pointe Apartments is an affordable housing development in Myrtle Beach. WPC, A Terracon Company, was retained to perform geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering and testing services for Phase I (recently constructed) and Phase II (currently being constructed). WPC conducted a Phase 1 environmental site assessment and performed a geotechnical exploration at the property. The geotechnical exploration was conducted to provide recommendations concerning the design and construction of building foundations, floor slabs, and pavements for the proposed project.

Myrtle Beach, SC


Associated Office

Myrtle BeachGeolocation: 33.6725, -78.9408
The Myrtle Beach office opened in 2002 with four people. We provide geotechnical evaluation, environmental consulting, and construction materials engineering and testing services, consisting of Phase I and II ESAs, remediations, and mining hydrogeology. The Myrtle Beach Terracon office has worked on a wide variety of projects including environmental site assessment for construction jobs, geotechnical exploration for a thrill ride and subsurface investigation for a stormwater management project.