Basic SubstationGeolocation: 36.0337, -115.0024

BMI Facility Terracon developed a Work Plan to address historical total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) and polychlorinated biphenyl's (PCBs) contamination resulting from past site operations. The Basic Substation parcels were developed in the 1940s to provide power to the BMI Industrial Complex and as a transformer maintenance facility. The investigation encompassed three parcels totaling 13.1 acres. As part of the investigation, Terracon completed more than 150 soil borings and installed five groundwater monitoring wells to delineate the extent of soil contamination and determine groundwater quality beneath the site. After the results, Terracon developed a Remedial Action Excavation Work Plan to remediate the extent of soil contamination. Terracon implemented the initial remediation phase in May 2008, including the removal of more than 3,000 tons of contaminated soil. Terracon also conducted a geophysical survey on the eastern-most parcel to locate an area suspected of containing buried drums. Based on the findings of the geophysical survey, Terracon developed a Suspected Drum Burial Area Investigation Work Plan and a Suspected Drum Burial Area Excavation Work Plan which were approved by the NDEP.

Henderson, NV


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Las VegasGeolocation: 36.0645, -115.1453
Terracon's Las Vegas office has provided geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering and testing services since 1993 and maintains a diversified staff of qualified and experienced engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists. The local Terracon team has more than 30 employees and has played an integral part in the successful completion of a wide variety of public and private projects throughout Nevada. In addition to more than 25 major high-rise hotel casinos in Las Vegas, including the Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood, Caesar's Palace, and The…