Astoria TowerGeolocation: 41.8781, -87.6298

The 30-story, high-rise building designed by FitzGerald Architects is located in the upcoming South Loop neighborhood of downtown Chicago and will house 241 condominium units, 10 parking levels and retail spaces at ground level. Terracon provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing services during all stages of the construction. Full-time testing services for concrete and reinforcing steel were provided during the Tower portion (11th floor up) of the building. Deck concrete was placed in a four-day pour cycle. Eighteen different concrete mix designs were used for the project, including 9000 psi high-strength concrete for columns.

Chicago, IL


Associated Office

ChicagoGeolocation: 41.8857, -87.645
In 2006, Terracon opened its Chicago office located in the West Loop on Lake Street. The office started out as an environmental and facilities office. In 2008, the Naperville office relocated a geotechnical engineer and a materials engineering and testing project manager in order to serve the downtown market. The Naperville and Chicago offices work very closely with one another. The Chicago Terracon office provides geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services for construction projects. The Chicago office also works on environmental site assessments and remediation…