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 Terracon provided geotechnical engineering and materials testing services for the fourth MEB Project at Fort Leonard Wood Army Base, Missouri.

Terracon was contracted to provide geotechnical engineering and materials testing services for the 4th MEB Complex  at the southeast corner of Nebraska & Big Piney at Fort Leonard Wood Army Base, Mo.

The project consisted of the construction of 4 structures totaling over 130,000 square feet in plan view. The project also included the construction of an extensive concrete parking area designed to U.S. Army Corp of Engineers requirements for support of military vehicles. Shallow bedrock and deep fills beneath proposed buildings required special pavement engineering considerations to limit differential settlement beneath the proposed structures.

Terracon services included:

  • Field Exploration
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Field Testing and Observation

Fort Leonard Wood, MO



Associated Office

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Terracon's Springfield office opened in 2007 to provide reliable and responsive services to our southwest Missouri clients. Since then, our presence in the region has doubled. Ty Alexander, P.E., manages the office of 18 employees. The Springfield office covers southwest Missouri and portions of southeast Kansas, including Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. The Springfield office also has a construction service satellite location in Joplin. The office is currently staffed to provide geotechnical, environmental, and materials engineering and non-destructive testing services.