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The Portland, Maine, Terracon office provides geotechnical site evaluation, construction material engineering and environmental assessments to Portland and throughout the state of Maine. We work in a variety of markets including, energy, commercial/retail, infrastructure, telecommunications, and more.

Signature projects include drilling and geotechnical design services on the Number 9 Wind Farm project in Aroostook County, materials testing work for the Maine Department of Transportation, and environmental characterization and construction monitoring work at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard located in Kittery. In addition, our Portland office provides wetlands and natural resource delineation, mitigation services and database management, modeling and GIS services with Maine-based certified staff.    

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Wally Shedd, Office Manager & Geotechnical Department Manager

Key Projects

Lowe’s Home ImprovementGeolocation: 44.079, -69.1817
Terracon provided geotechnical engineering, construction monitoring, and materials testing services, including performing a peer review for the project. The original geotechnical evaluation identified that the site was underlain by compressible clays and recommended a surcharge be placed. However, due to a fast-track construction schedule this was not feasible. Terracon subsequently recommended, designed, and monitored the installation of a pile foundation system. To meet the client's deadlines multiple pile driving rigs were used concurrently working 12 hours a day, 7 days a…

Maine State Communications NetworkGeolocation: 45.2538, -69.4455
Terracon provided subsurface investigation, geotechnical engineering recommendations, and concrete materials testing for the construction of a network of more than 23 mountain-top communication tower sites. Work was performed for the proposed State of Maine Communications Network (MSCommNet), a unified statewide land mobile radio network for state law enforcement, public safety, and public service agencies. The project required that drilling access was made available on proposed remote tower locations. A number of sites needed helicopter access to perform soil borings and bedrock cores.

 Terracon provided geotechnical and construction materials engineering to the Portsmouth Naval shipyard reconstruction
Portsmouth Naval ShipyardGeolocation: 43.0881, -70.7362
Terracon provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing services on a full-time basis for the reconstruction of a dry dock at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. The $21 million project included the replacement of the caisson gate, sill walls, and sill floor at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard's 105-year old dry dock facility. The contract required the demolition of the existing granite blocks and concrete bedding and phased demolition of existing sill structures, including caisson sill armoring. Terracon worked with the client and NAVFAC's…