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Visualize the possibilities on the Ahuja Medical Expansion Project with TARGETID, iTRAMS, and an outstanding local team. Terracon has the team and tools to make this showcase project a success!



TARGETID: Targetid puts your testing results on the plan in real time. See anything from steel connection inspection results in 3D to concrete slab and inspection placements with areas represented by the tests highlighted.

iTRAMS: This online data repository puts you in control of finding a specific test quickly allowing you to easily and seamlessly approve test data.


Tom McDonnell, P.E. | Principal and Cleveland Office Manager
Project Executive In Tom’s role for the Ahuja project, he will ensure the Terracon team will provide the highest quality materials services to you as well as deliver an excellent client experience. He has more than 19 years of experience in the Northeast Ohio market. Specific relevant experience surrounding the Ahuja Medical Center includes: the UH (University Hospitals) Rehabilitation Hospital, the Rose Senior Living facility, Lifetime Fitness, and the Harvard Park Shopping Center.

David Potoma, P.E. | Manager – Materials Services (Cleveland Office)
Authorized Project Reviewer David has more than 22 years of site experience as a key member of all phases of project delivery on a wide variety of project, including healthcare facilities. He has a strong background in the coordination of multiple work areas on a job site and supervision of several crews. David has successfully led teams of 10 or more professionals at multiple locations on a single site.

 Alexander Tomlinson | Project Manager – Materials Services (Cleveland Office)
Project Manager In his role as project manager for the Ahuja Medical Center Expansion, Alex will be responsible for the scheduling, coordination, review, and tracking of all construction inspection and testing services. His priority is to provide the best client experience he and Terracon can to deliver a successful project. A focus on client communication and consultation are paramount to acting as a true partner with the overall project team. His relevant healthcare experience includes serving as the project manager for several recent UH projects, including:

  • UH Richmond-Slab Moisture Testing and Pharmacy Renovation Projects
  • UH Geauga Addition, UH Geneva Pharmacy Renovation
  • Seidman Cancer Center
  • UH Parma Surgery Renovation and Expansion
  • Samaritan Richland Health Center

Caleb Clark
Caleb Clark | Engineering Technician (Cleveland Office)
Senior Technician Caleb’s recent experience providing foundation observation and testing, earthwork observation and testing, concrete testing, reinforcing steel inspection, and masonry inspection for a project in the healthcare sector make him uniquely qualified to serve as lead technician and field representative for this project. Caleb places a strong emphasis on providing an excellent client experience which includes collaborative communication with the project team as well as detail and task-oriented work.

National experience


  • 24/7 healthcare operations require unique management and phasing to minimize disruption.
  • Assistance with and adherence to infection-control procedures safeguard your vulnerable population.
  • Efficiency in project delivery translates to savings of valuable time and money.
  • Accurate budgets free funds for use on other projects and equipment, OR direct the money to your most critical mission,  patient care.
  • Living in the communities we all serve, we are professionally and personally invested, sharing in your commitment to deliver a successful project for our community.

Material Tests and Certifications

Earthwork (Certification(s) include Use of Nuclear Density Gauge (internal))

  • Proofroll observation
  • Soil compaction testing
  • Dynamic cone penetrometer testing
  • Supplemental geotechnical soil test borings
  • Soil laboratory testing
  • Vibration monitoring

Concrete (Certifications include ACI Grade I Field Testing Technician, ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician)

  • Confirmation of correct material mix
  • Slump, air content, and temperature testing of fresh concrete
  • Temperature maturity testing of curing concrete
  • Compressive, flexural, and splitting tensile strength testing
  • Reinforcing steel inspection
  • NDT assessment of existing concrete (strength, dimension, reinforcing)
  • Floor flatness and leveliness

Masonry (Certifications include ICC Structural Masonry)

  • Observation of masonry construction
  • Reinforcing steel inspection
  • Compressive strength testing of mortar, grout, and prism assemblies

Structural Steel (Certifications include AWS D1.1. CWI, VT, UT, MT)

  • Visual weld and bolt inspection
  • NDT weld inspection including magnetic particle, ultrasonic, and dye penetrant
  • Epoxy anchor installation inspection

Firestopping (Certifications Include IFC)

  • Non-destructive and destructive Inspection of wall, joint, and penetration assemblies

Fireproofing (Certifications include ICC)

  • Observation of sprayed on fireproofing installation
  • Thickness testing
  • Adhesion testing
  • Density testing

Building Enclosure

  • Air penetration testing
  • Water penetration testing
  • EFIS inspection


  • Asphalt concrete paving observation
  • Asphalt concrete thickness testing
  • Asphalt concrete density testing
  • Asphalt concrete temperature monitoring
  • Confirmation of correct material mix
  • Local steel inspections (VT, UT, and Mag Particle)
  • Local firestop inspections performed by an IFC Certified Inspector
  • Building envelope testing
  • Air/water infiltration testing
  • Roof inspection
  • ADA compliance
  • Soil and foundation consulting
  • Air monitoring
  • Underground storage tank consulting
  • Soil contamination and wetlands consulting
  • Deviation log tracking for special inspections
  • Floor flatness testing
  • Vibration monitoring

Local Presence

Terracon knows the site in and around the expansion project having provided services on 52 projects within a five-mile radius of your site.

Committed to Delivering Success…Safely.

Safety is one of Terracon’s core values, and our commitment to being an Incident and Injury-Free™ (IIF™) company is an operational priority. We strive to build safety and well-being into all aspects of our business and are committed to everyone going home safely to their family every day.

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