Mission Critical and Digital Infrastructure Services


Technology Contacts at Terracon

With more than 1,000 data center projects in our portfolio, our extensive experience provides our technology clients results they can trust. Utilizing proprietary software, combined with our seamless service delivery, Terracon communicates key information in real-time, minimizing risk and keeping your project on schedule. Terracon can support the full lifecycle of your project development, with specific services including:

Site Selection/Due Diligence

  • Stage1 Geotechnical Expected Subsurface Conditions Delivered via GeoReport®
  • Stage1 Environmental
    • Site Considerations
  • Phase 1 Environmental
    • Site Assessments
  • Natural and Cultural Resources
  • Wetlands and Waters of the U.S. Delineation

Geotechnical Design Services

  • Project Planning
  • Field Exploration
  • Site Characterization
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Thermal Resistivity
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Construction Support

New Facilities Development

Materials Services

  • Construction Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
  • Construction Special Inspection, Observation, and Monitoring
  • Materials Engineering
  • Field and Laboratory Testing and Analysis


Every aspect of our 21st century society is data driven and as the demand continues to grow, there is no time for delays. Recognizing your data center project and its supporting infrastructure is mission critical, time is of the essence. With more than 150 offices and more than 5,000 employees, Terracon’s nationwide resources mean we can quickly deliver services to meet your project needs, regardless of schedule. By combining our national resources with specific local area expertise, Terracon provides high-quality deliverables and practical solutions while saving you time and money.

Terracon has been providing professional services for data centers since 2004, offering environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials testing services. Our clients include internet and telecommunication companies, software companies, architecture and engineering design firms, real estate developers, general contractors, financial services firms, construction management firms and utility companies. We partner with site selection, design, and construction teams to deliver tailored services that meet our clients’ objectives.

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Technology CONTACTS

For more information on our nationwide services, please contact:

Jared Mechetti, P.E.
Market Sector Lead
Mission Critical & Digital Infrastructure
D (916) 246 5099 | M (919) 413 3939