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CleanPower 2021

December 7 @ 8:00 am - December 8 @ 5:00 pm

The Next Generation of Clean Power Solutions

Meeting future energy demands starts with today’s projects.

Answering The Need For Clean, sustainable power with advanced engineering solutions

Terracon has performed engineering and/or regulatory services for thousands of power generation projects, both conventional and renewable, across the country. With our detailed knowledge of energy producing structures, our engineers have developed valuable site-specific solutions that have benefited both cost and schedule.


Wind Power

Wind energy generation is rapidly growing with an understandable focus toward cost-effective designs, processes, methodologies, and techniques effective in meeting increased demand.

WIND POWER Services At a glance

Next Generation Wind foundations

Terracon’s foundations now offer greater wind optimization and sustainability with a new patent-pending collar design. You’ll experience designs which efficiently support larger wind turbines, reducing excavation, concrete, steel, and overall carbon footprint.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s larger turbines, longer rotors, and taller towers, Terracon design’s also address those very needs using a large diameter, cast-in-place concrete annular cap with post-tensioned soil or rock anchors.

innovative Foundation Repowering Technology

A recent trend in the wind market is the repowering of older wind farms to take advantage of improved technology and expiring tax credits.

Terracon Leads the Way:

  • Patented and patent-pending foundations ideally suited for repowering
  • State-of-the-art wind turbine system performance analysis developed in partnership with GE Renewables
  • Hands-on experience repowering hundreds of wind turbines


At Terracon we are driven by a commitment to sustainability and consider our impact to the earth in everything we do, from data collection to analysis to design. Our goal is always to engineer a better solution which minimizes our impact on the planet, providing opportunity for future generations to build on what we have started. In the wind industry we evaluate wind turbine system performance without mobilizing a team, we design foundations to minimize resources used during construction, and we design our foundations to be easily modified for repowering so we can adapt to changing technology.

Site selection decisions

Terracon’s recent acquisition, Pivvot, streamlines energy site origination and analysis with location intelligence. We provide parcel, environmental, land and hundreds of additional data to identify and evaluate optimal sites for your next project. Coupled with Terracon’s Stage1, we deliver expected geotechnical and environmental site conditions and constructability concerns, an overview of potentially significant issues, and, for your next steps, a Smart Work Plan to proceed.


Why Terracon?

Resourceful. Applying new processes, methodologies, and techniques allows us to take a proactive approach to solving project challenges. With our nationwide network of offices, we can easily initiate services on one or multiple projects simultaneously.

Reliable. With vast experience working in local conditions, Terracon is a dependable partner throughout the life of your project. We deliver practical solutions while avoiding delays, surprises, and costly mistakes down the road.

Responsive. Acting quickly to meet your deadlines, our employee-owners are always available to you. With convenient locations across the country, we’re able to continually support and adapt to our clients’ fluctuating needs.

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December 7 @ 8:00 am
December 8 @ 5:00 pm