Committed to our clients and communities

All of us at Terracon continue our commitment to safely partnering with you to keep our communities and projects moving forward and consistent with state and local responses. We appreciate the confidence you have shown in us, and we are grateful for your business. Your local office is only a phone call away should there be anything we can do to help.

Our COVID-19 Task Force has reviewed our pre-task planning protocols and other documents and made updates to reflect the Centers for Disease Control’s guidance regarding mask use for fully vaccinated Americans in certain situations. The majority of our protocol documents have been updated, including pre-task planning for the office, lab, project sites, vehicle, business travel, and others.

We will continue to monitor for new guidance as it becomes available and adjust accordingly. Thank you for your ongoing partnership and efforts to keep our employees safe and healthy as we continue to serve you, our clients.

COVID-19 pre-task planning

To keep our employees safe while partnering with you, we have created specific COVID-19 pre-task planning procedures for our field and office employees. We have also established laboratory contingency plans in each of our local offices, while having our laboratory employees work alternating shifts to make it easier to practice social distancing. We are maintaining continuity through a planned approach of possible scenarios focused on caring for those who may be exposed while protecting others who are healthy. Our Action Plan, should we have employees exposed, as well as our notifications process and disinfection and cleaning protocols, are provided below.

As part of our required protocols, we are requesting the following additional information from our partners to maximize  safety for our employees.

  • Precautions for disease transmission prevention on the site and notification plan for exposure incidents
  • Return-to-work protocols for personnel with a potential or actual exposure incident
  • Processes in place to determine if and when an infected project site is safe to return to work

Should we experience any changes that impact our ability to perform our work, we will keep you informed.

How we can help

Our field and laboratory staff are continuing to practice safe distancing, while our office staff are still primarily remote. Following protocols, there are number of ways we can address your project needs. In addition to our suite of environmentalfacilitiesgeotechnical, and materials services, we remain fully capable of the following services, many of which may be helpful in the current environment:

  • Transportation and infrastructure – Environmental and regulatory compliance, geotechnical design, quality assurance/quality control, subsurface investigations, or pavement-related services. This includes response to agencies taking advantage of critical infrastructure such as roadways, bridges, aviation, and schools.
  • Site selection – Research of prospective sites can be done with Stage1 without leaving your computer. This service allows project planning and feasibility-level design to be advanced in preparation for the end of current restrictions. Interact with GIS layers and tap into our historical subsurface data across the country to gain preliminary environmental and geotechnical report data before field exploration or a Phase I ESA.
  • Federal emergency response – Utilize Terracon’s existing on-call agreements to expedite access to emergency funding for items such as maintenance and repair, facility conversions, aging infrastructure, or projects that are exempt from shelter-at-home mandates.
  • Construction materials testing– Materials testing and laboratory services are required to verify the quality of construction materials used for projects. Our laboratory staff can work flexible and staggered shifts in order meet client demand while following social distancing guidelines and our Incident and Injury-Free® safety program. We’re also following standards to keep PPE and lab tools clean.
  • Third-party building inspections – On-site inspection teams certified in various Special Inspection categories of the building code if the local building inspector is not able to service the project.
  • Environmental Inspections– Perform Phase 1 site assessments for undeveloped land and vacant buildings and asbestos/lead/hazardous material inspections for vacant, unoccupied, or low occupancy buildings. In some cases, building inspections may also be performed after hours.
  • Healthcare/Logistics/Technology – Verifying dependable structures, optimizing building performance, and helping manage improvements for multiple locations across the country.

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