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Wherever your journey takes you, be sure to travel safely.

The holidays are a time to gather with family and friends. Please consider the tips below to help make your holiday journeys as safe as possible.

How we do feel about our journey with you?


SafETy Tips

Put away your phone.

Cell phones are a dangerous distraction. Don’t text or talk on your phone – even hands-free – when driving. If you need to make a call or send a text, pull off to a safe parking area to do so.

Stay alert.

When driving, take breaks as needed (AAA recommends every two hours or every 200 miles) to rest , stretch, and clear your head. Don’t drive tired – fatigue can impair your judgement and slow your reaction time.

Be mindful of other distractions.

Kids, pets, music, and eating are just a few of the other things that may take your focus off the road. Avoid the distractions you can, and do your best to minimize the others – so everyone gets where they’re going safely.



For more tips and best practices, watch the videos below – the same videos we share with our employees as part of their driver safety training:


Striking or running over objects in your vehicle’s “blind spots,” whether on the road or in your own driveway, is a major source of accidents. Most of these accidents can be prevented by identifying your vehicle’s blind spots so you can better plan to avoid hidden hazards.

Click here for a printable worksheet to help you, your family and friends, measure your vehicle blind spots.

Turn Radius

It’s easy to misjudge your vehicle’s turn radius and strike even an object you could clearly see – find out how to ensure every turn you take on your drive is a safe one.

Stopping Distance

See the difference a few miles per hour make when you’re trying to bring your car to a stop – and learn how to reduce your chance of a rear-end collision.


Did you know you’re 60% more likely to have a vehicle accident while driving in reverse? Check out these tips to minimize backing when you park – and maximize your odds of a safe journey.

It takes just a few minutes to make these important parts of your journey a whole lot safer.

Additional Driving Tips

Driving is the most dangerous activity we encounter in our daily lives. Reaching your destination safely requires not just the ability to operate a vehicle, but a mindset focused on safety.

To help our 5,000 employee-owners adopt this mindset and associated driving behaviors, Terracon turns to Smith System, the trusted global leader in crash-avoidance driver safety training. The Smith5Keys®, the pillars of Smith System’s driver safety training, are designed to provide drivers with the knowledge and skills to create Space, Visibility, and Time while driving:

Learn more about The Smith5Keys® at

®Registered. Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc., Arlington, TX 76006.  Used by Permission.

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