Nebraska 2021 Environmental Compliance Calendar

January 12, 2021

Reporting Requirements(1)

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EPCRA – Tier II Reports March 1
Biennial Hazardous Waste Report (March 1, 2022)
Tittle V Air Permit – Certification of Compliance March 31
Title V Air Permit – Semi-Annual Deviation Report March 31
Air Emissions Inventory Report(2) March 31
Greenhouse Gas Reporting (submit at March 31
EPCRA – TRI Form R/A (submit at July 1
Air Permit – Semi-Annual Deviation Report Sept. 30

(1) Facility requirements should be verified to confirm due dates and other requirements.
(2) Nebraska: Submit electronically on SLEIS.

Additional Environmental Requirements

Stormwater: Current General Permit expires soon: June 30, 2021. Notice of Intent (NOI) to discharge under the new permit will be due. Watch for notifications from the NDEE late 2019 for potential changes and timeline. Maintain records of quarterly inspections, outfall monitoring, and annual inspections with your SWPPP. Conduct and maintain records of annual training.

Hazardous Waste: Accurate waste determinations are a critical step in managing solid waste. The quantity of hazardous waste generated in a calendar month determines the applicability of federal and state requirements.

Wastewater (NPDES/SDS): Submit discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) at regular intervals per permit requirements (electronically) at the EPA’s NetDMR.

SPCC Plan: Update SPCC Plans every five years or whenever there is a change in oil storage or spill potential.

Air Permit Applications: Submit manually using forms on the NDEE/Omaha websites, respectively.

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