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June 26, 2019

Mobile drill rig


How You Benefit from Equipment, Technology, and Experience

Tiger Woods won the recent Masters golf tournament in dramatic fashion.  You can be sure that he was not playing with rented clubs.  The pros use their own tools.  At Terracon, we continue to build upon what is the largest exploration services capability in the nation. Through this investment we can provide you consistent quality and professionalism in geotechnical and environmental exploration.

 Resources ready when you need them

Our exploration resources include a fleet of drill rigs, cone penetration testing (CPT) and seismic penetration testing (SCPTu) equipment, and direct push units of all sizes mounted on trucks, tracks, skids, ATVs, as well as other equipment which allow us to access almost any site condition. We even own and maintain our own barges for overwater access. These resources, and a national footprint, enable Terracon to meet challenging schedules and scopes, quickly providing clients the information you need.

Terracon’s in-house resources:

Site exploration and sampling

  • Hollow-stem auguring
  • Mud and air rotary
  • Down hole hammering systems
  • Casing advancer system,
  • Rock coring
  • Direct push techniques

In-situ testing methods:

  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and Seismic (SCPTu)
  • Downhole vane shear testing (VST)
  • Dilatometer modulus testing (DMT)
  • Pressure meter testing (PMT)
  • Borehole shear
  • Packer testing

We also perform non-intrusive, geophysical testing methods to complement our testing at discrete locations using these tools.

By combining geophysical testing with intrusive methods of sampling and laboratory testing, and in-situ testing, we can develop a more complete picture of the subsurface and understanding of how it will interact with the built environment above and within it. This translates to clients experiencing more efficient investigations and innovative designs, in addition to cost savings.

Maximizing existing data

The investment in your project starts even before we send any equipment to the project site.  We begin by exploring our large amount of existing data, referring to a database of millions of data points across the US accessible through our proprietary GIS platform. With our knowledge of these existing conditions we are able to do more analysis before the use of intrusive techniques and inform our exploration plans, verifying we utilize the appropriate techniques.

The end product

Using the knowledge of existing conditions, by performing sampling, in-situ testing, and geophysical studies when needed, Terracon provides a complete picture of the subsurface for our clients. With the in-house capabilities to accomplish this work safely we can support your exploration needs from coast to coast.




Levi Denton, P.E., is a national director of geotechnical site characterization services based in Terracon’s Raleigh, N.C. office. He has extensive experience in the execution of geotechnical exploration and geotechnical engineering services working with clients and geotechnical engineers across the country.

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