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Des Moines Office Takes Part in Largest Hunger Relief Project in the Nation

posted 12.03.2013

Staff from the Des Moines office joined 15,000 volunteers who took part in the 2013 Annual Hunger Fight. During the event, volunteers packaged more than five million meals over a four-day period in August.

The Annual Hunger Fight event is the largest hunger relief project in the nation and is sponsored by Meals from the Heartland. Meals from the Heartland is a non-profit organization dedicated to packaging meals for delivery to starving people around the world.

Jenifer Anne Harkin, environmental specialist, organized the event for Terracon by recruiting volunteers to serve two-hour shifts packaging meals. The team included: Matthew D. Cushman, Alexander J. (AJ) Wolfe, Kevin E. Kausalik, Jesse M. Nelson, Ryan J. Morgan, Jeffrey L. Magner, Anna M. Smith, Eva S. Moritz, and Twila H. Henderson.

Terracon volunteers comprised a whole table. Volunteers at each table prepared food packages with dry ingredients that included rice, soy protein, dried vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. Each ingredient was placed into a plastic bag, weighed for accuracy, sealed, and then placed in a box for shipping. Each package represented six servings, once water is added. During the event, music and regular announcements that updated volunteers on the day’s goals and progress kept everyone motivated.

“The Annual Hunger Fight is a great way to give back to the community and to create a sense of solidarity pride with your co-workers,” said Jenifer. “It is also very humbling to know that in only two hours you can impact so many lives and have so much fun. The atmosphere at the event is filled with a sense of wellbeing and pride. I went back the next day and brought my daughters. They loved it!”