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Delivering Reports Faster Than Ever Before

Improving the speed and accuracy in which we provide information has become increasingly important to our clients, especially test results that do not meet the project plans and specifications.

Terracon continues to enhance our proprietary system for construction materials engineering and testing services called Construction Materials Engineering and Laboratory Management System (CMELMSTM). This system has served as the foundation to more effectively and efficiently collect, manage, and communicate construction materials testing and inspection data to our clients.

To improve our value to clients, one of the critical quality initiatives we have implemented this year is to utilize our software in a way that has never before been perfected in our industry; a formalized Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CMET) report turnaround and delivery program. Our goals are simple.

We will deliver to our clients:

  • Written notification of deviations within 24 hours.
  • Field reports in no more than five business days from when field services were provided.
  • Laboratory reports in no more than two business days from when the laboratory services were completed.

We have developed report tracking systems for our CMELMS software to ensure that our project managers and field managers meet the goals we have set for report turnaround. Failing tests or non-conformance items (deviations) are immediately relayed to the designated parties, and handwritten draft reports are available at the end of each day. The test results and inspection information are quickly entered into the system and formal reports are produced. We are also experimenting with several field-data collection systems that will provide even quicker data entry into our CMELMS application.

A hard copy of each report can be printed and personally delivered, sent electronically, or posted to the Terracon Client Document Website. The electronic options provide real-time access to the reports.

With more than 120 offices nationwide, Terracon is making significant strides to implement the system with the goal of full implementation by mid-2011. CMELMS features a dashboard for our project managers that has a reminder screen showing the real-time status of their project reports, including deviation reports, and a graphical depiction of “performance.” Generated reports allow our management team to evaluate where we need additional support and training to fully achieve the goals of the initiative.

We remain committed to improving our ability to “deliver success” for our clients. If you have any questions on this initiative, please contact Michael O’Grady, P.E., or Jim Eads, P.E., at [913] 599 6886, or your local Terracon Construction Materials department manager.