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Renovations are Back in Style

The current recession has affected virtually all aspects of the construction industry. As the recession unfolded, it became increasingly difficult for developers and builders to find financing for large construction projects. Many large corporations (think retail), which might normally build dozens of new locations a year, have been reluctant to continue to expand while their customers have been spending less and financing remains difficult. As a result, new construction has declined in almost every part of the country.

Rather than new construction, many companies are choosing to spend their money on renovations. While renovation may not require the same level of engineering services as new construction, it does bring new opportunities for environmental consulting, especially asbestos services. Before an existing building can be renovated, building owners must first have the areas that are planned for renovation surveyed for asbestos and remove any that may be disturbed by construction. Building owners need to include asbestos services in any plan for renovation and understand the potential impact of asbestos on schedules and budgets.

Because asbestos must legally be removed prior to the start of renovations, it is critical that required asbestos inspections are performed early in the planning process. Once inspections are complete, Terracon can provide assistance in planning and scheduling any required asbestos removals. We can provide asbestos abatement budgetary estimates for asbestos removal, establish timeframes for asbestos abatement, and coordinate asbestos removal activities with the client, architects, engineers, and general contractors. Terracon has extensive experience working with clients and their construction partners on long-term, phased projects including projects with multiple locations.

Terracon is uniquely situated to assist national companies as they renovate existing properties across the nation or a region. We have more than 100 offices located in almost every area of the United States and continue to grow. Terracon has more than 150 licensed asbestos inspectors and we maintain certification in virtually every state. These factors make Terracon the premier asbestos consultant for companies with regional or national footprints. Many retailers that are regional or national, due to their type of business, continually renovate their facilities because of high customer traffic and the need to keep their facilities appealing, regardless of the economy. This includes hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, and department stores.

With Terracon’s geographic distribution, experience, and large number of asbestos inspectors, we can provide asbestos consulting services to our clients on a regional or national basis. Largescale national and regional renovation efforts by companies with many store locations are a complicated undertaking with many moving parts. Terracon adds value to the process by providing a one-stop national shop for the asbestos consulting portion of your project. Terracon can provide asbestos abatement design, abatement contractor selection, abatement oversight, and air monitoring services.

For many types of businesses, renovations will always be a major part of their corporate strategy. While expanding to new locations is the cornerstone of growth, maintaining and updating existing locations is the key to keeping current customers. When schedules and budgets matter, the selection of your asbestos consultant can make a big difference in meeting your renovation project deadlines.