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    Before owners can build highways, dams, buildings and other structures, they need a geotechnical evaluation partner to help determine how the characteristics of the soil conditions on the site will react under the stress caused by the weight of the structure. Terracon’s geotechnical engineering team is that partner.

    Our geotechnical engineering services support all phases of a project, from preliminary design through completion of the building process, including:

    1. Making judgments and advising owners on the structural and economical feasibility of a project from the standpoint of subsurface conditions.
    2. Determining the physical and engineering characteristics of the soil/rock and their probable behavior under stress, interpreting this data and recommending design parameters.
    3. Observing conditions during construction and recommending, when necessary, modifications to the design of the project.

    Terracon participates as a vital member of the project team, focusing on project objectives and using innovative technologies to provide practical design recommendations.

  • Subsurface Exploration and Testing

    Terracon’s large fleet of drilling equipment is geographically dispersed to provide prompt geotechnical subsurface exploration services to clients. In addition to conventional truck-mounted rigs, the fleet includes skid and all-terrain rigs for accessing difficult sites.

    Terracon offers many methods of subsurface sampling and data acquisition to meet client needs. Our services include specialized field testing such as pressuremeter, bore hole sheer and packer testing.

  • Foundation Analysis and Design

    Terracon provides a wide range of deep foundation testing, analyses, and design services, including:

    • Selection of bearing stratum and design bearing pressures
    • Ground improvement
    • Soil and bedrock investigation
    • Foundations for vibrating loads
    • Use of in-situ testing and performance monitoring results

    We continually study and evaluate the latest in geotechnical technology and adopt methods and procedures that provide clear benefits to our clients.

  • In-situ Testing and Performance Monitoring

    Terracon’s engineering staff has experience with numerous geotechnical in-situ testing and performance monitoring techniques and systems. This experience is the key to selecting proper test procedures for a project.


  • Earth Structures, Slopes, and Retention Systems

    Terracon utilizes proven field and laboratory testing techniques and computer software to assist in analyzing and designing earth structures and retention systems. We provide performance monitoring during construction and post-construction in locations all over the United States.

  • Dynamic Analysis and Evaluation

    Terracon operates geotechnical investigation laboratories throughout the United States that are equipped to perform a wide variety of soil and bedrock investigation tests. Laboratory facilities include equipment for triaxial shear, direct shear, resilient modulus, consolidation and permeability, as well as routine and special testing for soil and rock.

  • Soil Stabilization Investigation and Ground Improvement

    The process of identifying geologic hazards begins with a geologic search of available information to determine the potential areas of concern. Site and aerial photo reconnaissance determines the topographic features that may indicate geologic hazards. Site visits are made to view steep slopes, scarps, rock fall hazards, floodways, debris flows, faults and other geologic features. Terracon is your source for all of your geotechnical soil stabilization and ground improvement needs.

  • Pavement Evaluation and Design, Geotechnical Subgrade Evaluation and Material Evaluation

    Terracon provides pavement engineering services, combining geotechnical and materials engineering statistics and engineering mechanics to help produce durable, long-lasting pavement facilities.

    Our experience in geotechnical design, construction, and evaluation of pavement and slab systems provide clients with the expertise needed to meet design lifespan challenges.

    • Load-deflection non-destructive testing
    • Pavement evaluation using ground penetrating radar (GPR)
    • Repair and rehabilitation designs
    • Failure analysis
  • Additional Services

    • Groundwater control
    • Custom packaged IT solutions
    • Seismic risk assessments