Velasco Terminal Berth 8 Dock and LeveeGeolocation: 28.9685, -95.3694

As part of the expansion of the terminal, Terracon provided ongoing coordination with multiple project stakeholders on behalf of the Valesco Drainage District including extensive coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Geotechnical engineering services and testing re-evaluation and reconstruction were critical to the initial and ongoing success of the construction of two 800-foot dock structures as part of Velasco Terminal Berth 8 located north of the existing Velasco Terminal Birth 7 dock at Port Freeport. An open wharf design was selected for the dock structures. For this project, Terracon’s geotechnical engineering services were split into three phases. For phase one of the project, our team worked with the Velasco Drainage District to obtain USACE approval to perform the phase two dock extension field program. Soil boings and cone penetrometer test (CPT) soundings were performed along the Berth 8 alignment and near the existing levee, with soil testing  extending through the existing levee. In phase two, our team provided geotechnical recommendations for the two 800-foot dock expansions and completed field and laboratory testing for approximately 1,600 feet of new dock structures. This project was part of the Velasco Terminal Berth 7 extension, Berth 8, and Berth 9 docks expansions and for analyses of the Old River South Levee. In the third phase of the project, Terracon will provide a geotechnical evaluation of the dock expansions and existing earthen levee during the construction phase and for the final design submitted as part of a 33 USC Section 408 Permit certification package.

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