US Highway 89 at Milepost 526, Bitter Springs Landslide RepairGeolocation: 0, 0

As part of the FNF Construction Inc. CMAR team, Terracon provided preconstruction and construction phase engineering and construction materials testing and engineering services for this Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) project. Terracon’s preconstruction phase geotechnical engineering services on the project included three-dimensional stability modeling of the planned construction work; monitoring of a test blast program within the limits of the project; and development and evaluation of a test fill program for the planned construction.  Terracon’s geotechnical engineers monitored and observed the construction of the test fill assure conformance to the Test Fill Plan and to document the results. Terracon evaluated the data and provided recommended specifications for the placement of production rock fills that were adopted ADOT. Terracon provided a Special Inspector to observe, report and document buttress embankment construction, including lift thickness, water application, and compactive effort (compaction equipment and number of passes).

Associated Office

PhoenixGeolocation: 33.3813, -111.9409
Terracon's Phoenix office has provided geotechnical, environmental, construction materials engineering/ testing and facilities services since 1995 and maintains a diversified staff of qualified and experienced engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, special inspectors, materials technicians and facilities professionals. The office has played an integral role in the successful completion of a wide variety of public and private projects throughout Arizona and the southwest.  Since beginning service in Arizona, Terracon has completed over 25,000 projects, comprised of over 8,500…