U.S. Veterans Affairs Medical Center Campus-Wide Asbestos SurveyGeolocation: 37.7823, -122.5049

IHI Environmental, a Terracon Company (IHI-Terracon) has performed industrial hygiene, occupational safety, and environmental consulting services on more than 100 projects for the historic U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in San Francisco, California.   More than half of these projects have been asbestos/lead-based paint-related and have included surveys, re-inspections, abatement specification development, project planning, cost estimation, and abatement monitoring.   A large-scale asbestos survey project is summarized below.   IHI-Terracon performed a campus-wide asbestos survey for the VAMC that included the identification and assessment of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in 22 buildings, comprising approximately 850,000 square feet of floor space. During the survey, IHI-Terracon teams assessed known ACM for friability and collected 2,735 bulk samples of suspect materials for laboratory analysis. IHI-Terracon also produced a detailed database and drawings that described the quantity, location, and condition of 1,400 suspect materials identified in 3,070 rooms on campus.   In order to organize and track the large amounts of information generated by the survey (i.e. material types, sample locations, and project notes), IHI-Terracon survey teams used handheld tablet computers to electronically log and store sampling and material data during fieldwork activities. The data collected was later used to automatically generate tables for inclusion in final reports that were submitted to the client. This process minimized data entry time, eliminated transcription errors, and enabled IHI-Terracon teams to complete the survey on time and under budget.   In addition to asbestos/lead consulting services, IHI-Terracon has conducted a variety of industrial hygiene services for the VAMC that have included the following:  

  • Indoor air quality and mold inspections in various buildings
  • Air monitoring, wipe sampling, and control planning to protect workers from exposures to lead, aluminum, and chromium
  • Hazardous waste sampling and air monitoring during photo processing to measure possible exposures to ammonia and acetic acid

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Terracon's Oakland office offers a full range of environmental consulting services to safely manage chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Our industrial hygiene experts specialize in mold investigations and remediation monitoring; indoor air quality assessments; worker exposure monitoring for dust, noise, vapors, and metals; and a wide variety of other services. The office has one of the largest teams of industrial hygienists and certified asbestos and lead professionals in the San Francisco Bay…