Tierra Vista CommunitiesGeolocation: 38.8339, -104.8214

 Terracon provided mold, asbestos and other hazardous materials services & environmental consulting to the construction of Tierra Vista Communities.

Terracon has provided environmental services to Actus Lend Lease and Tierra Vista since 2007 when construction began on Tierra Vista Communities. In March 2007, the U.S. Air Force selected Actus Lend Lease as its partner to develop, build, renovate, finance, and maintain 1,466 homes in Tierra Vista Communities. The new master planned community includes Schriever, Peterson, and Los Angeles Air Force Bases, all part of Air Force Space Command. The project required an aggressive and critical schedule to support the construction of new housing, relocation of residents, demolition of older units, and redevelopment. Terracon provided a variety of services to Actus including stormwater compliance inspection services; asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold inspections and abatement assistance services; and air monitoring services. Terracon is providing rapid response and quick-turnaround for assessments to support the critical project schedules.

Colorado Springs, CO


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Colorado SpringsGeolocation: 38.811, -104.7499
Terracon has been providing environmental, geotechnical, facilities, and materials engineering and testing services in Colorado Springs and southern Colorado since 1987. Terracon's operations in Colorado Springs original began as Empire Laboratories, which was then acquired by Terracon. The office has a staff of 15 employees. The Colorado Springs office provides services to commercial and public sector clients and consistently ranks in the top three engineering firms in Colorado Springs providing similar services. Notable clients of the Colorado Springs office include El Paso County,…