The University of North Carolina at Charlotte – James H. Barnhardt Student Activities CenterGeolocation: 35.3038, -80.7299

 Terracon provided roof consulting services for UNC at Charlotte to fix a leak and billowing issues.

James H. Barnhardt Student Activity Center is the Sports Complex which also houses Halton Arena, multiple fast food restaurants and a variety of office space and meeting facilities. The facility was constructed in 1996/97. In the spring of 2002, membrane billowing was observed on the Main Roof. Repairs were made but billowing continued. Stafford investigated the cause of membrane billowing and the persistent roof leaks. The original roof system on the Main Roof consisted of a white EPDM system mechanically attached to the steel deck. Equalizer valves were present along perimeters. The membrane was in poor condition and securement to the structure was inadequate. An infrared scan was also accomplished to help determine the extent of wet substrate conditions. Stafford Consulting Engineers prepared plans and specifications for the complete replacement of all the roof systems and to accomplish repairs at the mansard (perimeter) built-in gutter. Charlotte 49ers basketball games & various other events were held in Halton Arena during most of this time. Coordinating the Contractor's work schedule while minimizing disruption to UNCC's operations presented unique challenges.

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