Terracon Attends Engineer Day at Missouri State UniversityGeolocation: 37.1986, -93.2786

Terracon team members Kyle Cook, Kevin Newbold, and Ty Alexander shared their knowledge of geology, non-destructive testing, and geotechnical engineering at “Discover Engineering Day”. This annual event is hosted at the Missouri State University campus by the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers and promotes the engineering profession to youth. While the event is intended for elementary aged kids, kids of all ages (and their parents) are able to get “hands-on” experience and see presentations on different aspects of the engineering profession. The Terracon team displayed rock cores from borings performed in southwest Missouri; taught attendees about how we classify different clay soils and how to perform Atterberg limits testing; and demonstrated ultra-sonic testing of steel welds. Attendees also got to witness a magnetic field as cleverly demonstrated utilizing a magnet gun, a plastic plate, and iron powder. Attendees received Terracon Rockets and Poppers if they got their hands dirty rolling Atterberg “worms”!

Springfield, MO 65897