Superfund SiteGeolocation: 30.4213, -87.2169

Technical Advisory Services Terracon is providing on-going technical advisory services under an EPA Technical Advisory Grant to a community organization; the work is oversight of cleanup at a Superfund Site in northwest Florida that was formerly a wood treating facility. Services provided include oversight of EPA-funded activities for OU-1 (soil contamination) and OU-2 (ground water contamination) cleanup at this former wood treating facility.

Pensacola, FL


Associated Office

PensacolaGeolocation: 30.537, -87.1988
The Pensacola office opened in December 1998 as Gallet & Associates Gulf Coast, Inc., and joined with Terracon in 2009. The office provides environmental, geotechnical, construction materials engineering and testing, and facilities services. Terracon's professionals have performed projects ranging from small commercial buildings to large condominiums to roadways. The Pensacola lab has AASHTO accreditations in soil, concrete, grout, stone, and aggregate. We are also accredited to perform laboratory testing by the Florida Department of Transportation and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.